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Welcome to Vlindernet

Vlindernet is the most important source of information on Dutch macrolepidoptera. This site presents ecological information and distribution patterns for all species of butterflies and macro-moths in the Netherlands. This site is compiled and edited by Dutch Butterfly Conservation (De Vlinderstichting) and the Working Group Lepidoptera Faunistics (Werkgroep Vlinderfaunistiek).


Basic information about butterflies and moths and their caterpillars, can be found by following the link Vlinders algemeen.
Furthermore, all species of butterflies and moths recorded in the Netherlands, are presented with a species specific page. To find these pages, follow the link Vlindersoorten and enter (a part of) the scientific name. For nearly all species, photographs of the imago and the caterpillar are shown, and in some cases also of eggs and pupa.


For every species the following figures are presented:
  1. a map with geographical distribution in the Netherlands, and
  2. a diagram showing the flight period.
See for example Phlogophora meticulosa.

By following the link ‘Meer over deze vlinder: Verspreiding en zeldzaamheid’ on the species specific pages, more background information and more distribution maps are presented. First, maps showing the relative commonness in three periods are found. These periods are: ‘before 1980’, ‘1981-1995’ and ‘1996 till present’. Furthermore, a diagram in which the species’ trend over the last century is shown, has also been added to this page.

Do you want to know how the flight periods, rarity and associated parameters has been calculated, read Calculations.

Laatste wijziging: 10 november 2008
Pale tussock (Calliteara pudibunda), dark form
Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), 14-05-2008
Photo: Henk van Woerden
Pale tussock (Calliteara pudibunda), detail
Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), 14-05-2008
Photo: Henk van Woerden

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